Experience Early Learning


*We have received some free materials from Experience Early Learning, in exchange for our weekly blogs. You can check out what Experience Early Learning has to offer at their Website!

We kept our little hands busy today with lots of fun tadpole activities! We started off at circle time learning about tadpoles and singing and jumping to the “Five Little Tadpoles” rhyme found in this weeks Mother Goose Time teacher guide, “Life Around the Pond”. The kids waited patiently for their names to be called in the rhyme and then hopped up once they heard them. This activity helped them learn about the stages of metamorphosis and patience in a fun and easy way! To compliment this activity, we made tadpole ribbon dancers and the kid’s pretended to be swimming in a pond!

It is so nice having all of the supplies provided by Experience Early Learning. It leaves time for more teaching and learning! And with that, the teachers at Wonders can come up with other activities to keep them occupied and challenge them academically.

In the photos below, Pre-K practiced their cutting skills, matching and writing. We absolutely love the themes provided by Experience Early Learning!

We also had a chance to practice patterns and acting out a book with play pieces provided by EEL!





Every day is a new adventure and learning experience with EEL and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!