Life at the Pond

*We have received some free materials from Experience Early Learning, in exchange for our weekly blogs. You can check out what Experience Early Learning has to offer on their Website!

Circle Time 🙂

The toddlers are LOVING this week’s Experience Toddler curriculum! So far, they’ve measured pond animals, matched colored fish in a puzzle, made imprints of fish in a (homemade) play doh pond, hopped on “lily pads” like frogs, painted their own lily pads and so much more! The Experience Early Learning activities really think of it all! The Toddler class has the freedom to learn to their abilities and it’s so much fun to watch!

Hopping on lily pads!
Enjoying the many activities crafted by EEL! We LOVE Experience Toddler!

During circle time, the toddlers sat on lily pads while listening to story books and really enjoyed using their imagination and sitting on them. During table time, they used their fine motor skills to rip tissue paper and glue it on a duck as part of the Experience Early Learning curriculum supplied in the teacher book! They had fun playing with legs as they glued those on also. Now they are proudly displayed on the art wall in the toddler room!

Experience Toddler Duck Collages!

After toddlers rest and are ready to take on the world again, they do some afternoon activities. On this particular day, they spent the time counting frogs! Lily pads were cut out of paper and placed on a cookie sheet with pompom manipulatives. They really enjoyed working on their pre-math skills!

Count the Frogs!

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