Experience Early Learning

Did someone say “Cake”?

*We have received some free materials from Experience Early Learning, in exchange for our weekly blogs. You can check out what Experience Early Learning has to offer at their Website!

Week three of Experience Early Learning’s “Nursery Rhymes” unit is all about Food Rhymes. The topic for Lesson 11 was “Pat-a-Cake”. Who doesn’t love cake? 30f0081126ce13281689a3c1f34fb527

The children frosted paper cupcakes with glue and shaving cream and then added confetti as sprinkles! They looked almost good enough to eat. This was a fun activity, the children loved getting to explore painting with glue and shaving cream. It is a fun texture!

Then they used our foam Shape of the Month (heart) pieces to work together, decorating the most beautiful cake!

This week they also worked on the letter Q. Experience Early Learning sends letter mats and they used curved and straight pieces to create the letters. These mats are great for practicing pre-writing skills!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For our Preschool 1 class, keeping their hands busy helps a lot. They enjoy cutting and building and it helps class time go smoothly for this busy little crew. We love that Experience Early Learning knows the value of keeping little hands busy with fun and engaging activities! 

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