Sorting our EEL Materials- Nursery Rhymes

Take a look at how we sort and organize our curriculum!

Each month we get three boxes of Experience Preschool curriculum, which means we count and sort it all, so each class has their curriculum ready to go.


In exchange for our blog posts each week Experience Early Learning provides us with some of our curriculum materials for free. We purchase two smaller boxes on top of the free materials so that we have enough materials for both the students and the teachers in our Preschool 1, Preschool 2, and Pre-K classes. Each teacher has a file box that is labeled with the week and lesson number.

Every teacher gets the Core Concepts and Teacher Tools packages. We put these in the front of their file boxes, so that they can sort through the materials that Experience Early Learning provides them, as they more through the month. 84651301_203508991046880_90501944543543296_n (1)Our Preschool 1 class also gets the Little Goose Supplement,which breaks down the regular Experience Early Learning lessons into what is developmentally appropriate for our youngest preschool group. This allows for one more way our teachers can challenge or simplify to meet the needs of their children.

Each lesson comes in one package. It makes it easy to keep track of everything. We get three packages of every lesson and start counting it so that each class has enough materials for roughly 10 students.83514450_773829726443178_8515556817974067200_n (5)








This month we tried something new, and every class got a bin where all of the extra materials that Experience Early Learning provides for the kids goes. Some of these extra materials don’t fit in the file boxes with the lesson so having an extra box where the teacher can quickly find what they need works well.83629486_193686912028775_8235394829945667584_n (1)



It’s a big task sorting all of the curriculum for every class – but this system works well and it keeps us organized all month long! 

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