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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

*We have received some free materials from Experience Early Learning, in exchange for our weekly blogs. You can check out what Experience Early Learning has to offer at their Website!

We are almost finished with Experience Early Learning’s February unit, “Nursery Rhymes”. For Week 4, Lesson 19 we reviewed the rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (I say review because this is a favorite among most of our students).b1b5f26558684d3b5d2208fd6e877179 (1)


One of our students actually had the idea of an activity to go with today’s lesson. Her idea was that the class could design stars and the teacher could put their picture on them. The class had fun singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, decorating their stars and taking their picture.

We love that it is easy to incorporate additional activities within the lesson’s that Experience Early Learning provides. They also had fun completing Starry Numbers, the math activity using the numbered stars mat and star shapes. They took turns sharing their age and then as a group we clapped that many times – this was a fun way to practice counting.

Preschool 2 enjoyed the “Wishing on a Star” activity where they got to create their own star wands. They practiced their scissor skills and talked about what they would wish for if they saw a shooting sta2da9a8314ff054650de9e989034a66ec

Thank you, Experience Early Learning for the great Nursery Rhymes unit – this was enjoyed in all five of our classrooms!

Experience Early Learning

Did someone say “Cake”?

*We have received some free materials from Experience Early Learning, in exchange for our weekly blogs. You can check out what Experience Early Learning has to offer at their Website!

Week three of Experience Early Learning’s “Nursery Rhymes” unit is all about Food Rhymes. The topic for Lesson 11 was “Pat-a-Cake”. Who doesn’t love cake? 30f0081126ce13281689a3c1f34fb527

The children frosted paper cupcakes with glue and shaving cream and then added confetti as sprinkles! They looked almost good enough to eat. This was a fun activity, the children loved getting to explore painting with glue and shaving cream. It is a fun texture!

Then they used our foam Shape of the Month (heart) pieces to work together, decorating the most beautiful cake!

This week they also worked on the letter Q. Experience Early Learning sends letter mats and they used curved and straight pieces to create the letters. These mats are great for practicing pre-writing skills!

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For our Preschool 1 class, keeping their hands busy helps a lot. They enjoy cutting and building and it helps class time go smoothly for this busy little crew. We love that Experience Early Learning knows the value of keeping little hands busy with fun and engaging activities! 


Itsy, Bitsy Spider and other Character Rhymes

This week is all about Character Rhymes in Experience Early Learning’s February unit of “Nursery Rhymes”. We enjoy blogging for Experience Early Learning, and in return, receive some of our supplies free!


Week 2, Lesson 8 is all about the Itsy, Bitsy Spider. During circle time we completed the Caught in the Web activity. We put tape on the wall to create a web and placed the picture cards on the web. The teacher handed the child a card to read and they had to match the word to the picture on the web. They took turns until all of the cards had a match.

84653015_627277461151829_5273691296517586944_n86185480_2668723016695816_1127327863209459712_nThe children enjoyed their “spider” fingers during the Spider’s Web of Cards activity. The teacher created a web on the table and placed the matching cards under the yarn pieces. The children had a piece of tape around their finger (sticky side out) and they used it to flip over the cards while they tried to find a match.





86210198_225070301858435_2771679409860509696_nThe Creative Corner activity for Experience Early Learning’s Itsy Bitsy Spider lesson was to create a web. This activity touched on Earth Science and Visual Arts. The children used a paper plate, sequins, yarn, glue and scissors to create their own spider web. They loved using the sequins!

So far this week, we have done activities with “Humpty Dumpty”,

“There Was a Crooked Man”0075ec7d7080ae9e45de95474027be45 and ” The Itsy, Bitsy Spider”. We will be doing “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Old King Cole” to finish out week two of Experience Early Learning’s Nursery Rhyme’s unit. Experience Early Learning provides a lesson for every day of the week. Each month comes with 20 lessons. This play-based curriculum, developed to meet National Standards for Early Childhood Education, provides a lot of fun every day of the week! Check out what’s coming up in March


Sorting our EEL Materials- Nursery Rhymes

Take a look at how we sort and organize our curriculum!

Each month we get three boxes of Experience Preschool curriculum, which means we count and sort it all, so each class has their curriculum ready to go.


In exchange for our blog posts each week Experience Early Learning provides us with some of our curriculum materials for free. We purchase two smaller boxes on top of the free materials so that we have enough materials for both the students and the teachers in our Preschool 1, Preschool 2, and Pre-K classes. Each teacher has a file box that is labeled with the week and lesson number.

Every teacher gets the Core Concepts and Teacher Tools packages. We put these in the front of their file boxes, so that they can sort through the materials that Experience Early Learning provides them, as they more through the month. 84651301_203508991046880_90501944543543296_n (1)Our Preschool 1 class also gets the Little Goose Supplement,which breaks down the regular Experience Early Learning lessons into what is developmentally appropriate for our youngest preschool group. This allows for one more way our teachers can challenge or simplify to meet the needs of their children.

Each lesson comes in one package. It makes it easy to keep track of everything. We get three packages of every lesson and start counting it so that each class has enough materials for roughly 10 students.83514450_773829726443178_8515556817974067200_n (5)








This month we tried something new, and every class got a bin where all of the extra materials that Experience Early Learning provides for the kids goes. Some of these extra materials don’t fit in the file boxes with the lesson so having an extra box where the teacher can quickly find what they need works well.83629486_193686912028775_8235394829945667584_n (1)



It’s a big task sorting all of the curriculum for every class – but this system works well and it keeps us organized all month long!