Baby Animals- Experience Toddler

Who knew sticking cotton on contact paper could be so much fun?

The Experience Toddler curriculum provides the teachers with Discovery Table ideas in the weekly teacher guides. “Discovery Table 1” this week was a cotton wall, where they get to ‘squeeze, push, press down, and stack up.’ Our toddler teacher set this up on the easel. Having the discovery tables set up as the children arrive in the morning makes them feel welcome and excited to start their day. They arrive to a fun project ready for them!


Experience Early Learning has a new theme each month, which keeps the children engaged. January has been all about “Baby Animals”. Experience Toddler has the same theme, but they have one focus topic each week. This month their focus topics have been: “Lion and the Beetle”, “Baby Animals”, “Puppy’s Visit”, and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

The colors our Toddlers have been learning this month are orange and white. The activities this week incorporate a lot of white so it ties into this week’s theme really well. The teacher guide also includes vocabulary words for each lesson of the day. Today is Monday so we completed Lesson 1 ‘Sheep Toy’ and the vocabulary words were sheep and lamb. By the end of the week our Toddlers will have learned eight vocabulary words!83257136_1031301183903921_5001605367424090112_n

These easy to follow lessons, with simple assessments help our teachers check for developmental milestones without interrupting all the fun!83683407_185448032560895_4088509025535131648_n (1)

We are happy to blog about what is happening in our classrooms with the Experience Early Learning Program. In return for our blogging efforts, we receive a portion of free curriculum materials for our classrooms.blogger_stamp_new

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