Kandinsky Tree

79534172_1449085031933468_4611921468534554624_n (1).jpgThe children’s Kandinsky Tree’s as part of Week 4, Lesson 16 (Experience Preschool– December “Sights and Sounds of Winter”) were so fun to make! The children looked at the inspiration photo that Experience Preschool provided. 80292047_577570249455764_1287886780254650368_n (1)We talked about the shapes and colors that we saw in the tree. We taped this photo on the wall above the art table and the children got to use sequins, paint, sticks, souffle cups, scissors and glue to create their collage. Many of the children chose to use the cups to stamp circles on their tree. Each tree turned out unique and different!


One of the things that we love about Experience Preschool (formerly Mother Goose Time) is that the projects allow the children to use their creativity and imaginations. It is so fun to see how each child decides to use the materials and how different they all turn out. We observed how the children used their scissors and how they decided to use the souffle cups. We think these little artists did a great job!

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