Have you ever been in a Snowstorm?

As part of the “Snowman” Lesson (Day 10-Winter in the Woods) Experience Early Learning provided a memorable experience in our Pre-K class!


The lesson was to create a Snowstorm Painting. We were provided with Blue Paper (Background), White Paper (Snow), Black Paper (Trees) and Bubble Wrap for texture. Salt was added on top of the glue for some sparkle. Some children had a little help cutting triangles for their trees, but it was overall a great scissor activity (Authentic Assessment).

Another activity involved making prints in the “snow” (salt). The projects were going so well, until some of the salt fell on the floor.  At this point, the teacher has a choice- Clean it up quickly, or allow the children to have an entirely unplanned and magical experience!

This is what Preschool is all about! Allowing children to experience learning and fun in a way that they can’t do at home. Here where we live, we don’t often get to play in the snow, so this was so fun for them. I truly appreciate that our teachers aren’t afraid to get messy because childhood is precious. We are thankful that Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) inspires creativity and fun in our classrooms and we are thankful for amazing teachers!

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