What better way to keep parents informed then by sending home a weekly newsletter on Mondays that tells the families what their children will be up to for the week? That’s exactly what the Experience Toddler curriculum does. Experience Preschool (formerly Mother Goose Time) includes four weekly themes in the curriculum box, and in each package includes newsletters for the families on what their children will be learning about. Typing out newsletters is one less thing the teachers have to do.



Experience Preschool sends monthly newsletters in the Preschool curriculum. Parents get these newsletters at the beginning of the month with each new unit. These newsletters include things that the parents can do with their children at home, recommended books, a song, etc. We love that Experience Early Learning is not only supporting our teachers with great activities for the classroom, but supporting the whole family with positive parenting and engagement!


At our school, we have “Parent Pockets” up by our sign-in desk. Each child has a pocket and they are listed alphabetically. The teachers put the newsletter and any artwork or paperwork that needs to be sent home in their students pockets. Parents can check these quickly as they are on their way in or out the door.


The newsletters are a great way to inform parents of the topic for the week, which can lead to parents talking to their little ones about what they’re learning. These conversations between parents and their children can get the children excited about their day and what they will be learning!


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