Bears and Hibernation

Our first week of Experience Early Learning’s “Winter in the Woods” (December) unit is about Forest Animals.

Today, Week 1 Lesson 3 is about Bears. Set up in the creative corner is a Bear Den activity.78474736_452140485494628_2570337729640398848_n.jpg
These are the supplies that Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) provided:
 – Title Display
 – Inspiration Photo
 – Bowls (for each child)
 – Bear Photos (for each child)

All that we needed to supply to complete this project were nature items. The bear dens turned out really cute! We talked about hibernation and why bears hibernate. During their project we talked about the different kinds of bears. Experience Early Learning has a clever way of taking the most simple task and turning it into a fun and engaging educational experience for young children.

Bonus Idea – Teacher Angel Tree



One of our sweet parents decided to do a Teacher Angel Tree at our school. She provided tags for the teachers and they filled them out with wish list items for either their classrooms or themselves and we hung them on the tree. If the parents want to participate they choose a tag off of the tree and return the wrapped item under the tree. This was a really thoughtful idea, and one that our teachers have really appreciated!

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