Community Helpers – Firefighters and Fire Safety

77180166_1447870215351976_6391533217647689728_nWe have had fun kicking off our Community Helpers unit with Experience Preschool, formerly Mother Goose Time. Week 1, Lesson 1 was all about Firefighters. During circle time we talked about what Firefighters do and how they help us. We took the opportunity with this topic to talk about fire safety with our classes. What should we do if we hear a smoke detector go off? Where is our meeting place at school? Do they have a meeting place at home if they have a fire? Fires are scary, however, it’s important to review safety tips with children so that they know what to do in case of an emergency. We talked about getting low and how that helps us, and reviewed our rules on exiting the school quickly and safely. Every month we have a fire drill, so this was a good time to talk more about it and why we do these drills every month. This week was a great week to learn or review 911 as well.


Experience Preschool (formerly Mother Goose Time) provides great art projects as well. After we talked about fire safety the children got to make a Fire Fork Painting – Experience Preschool provided all of the materials, we just needed the paint! The children had fun using the forks to make the flames for their fire. So far they are enjoying this unit. We have a lot of dramatic play going on with fun dress up items for them to try on! We are looking forward to our second week with the Community Helpers unit and learning more about the people who help out our community.


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