Jumping in with Experience Toddler!

I love that Experience Early Learning with Mother Goose Time makes the planning easy. It’s inevitable that teachers are going to get sick this time of the year. After all, we work with a lot of little people who share all their germs. When a teacher calls out sick, especially on Monday morning, I appreciate that the curriculum is all laid out and easy to use. 76937834_544443009446397_3037487591415873536_nWhen I’m subbing in a classroom last minute I’m glad that I can pull out the day’s activities and everything is pretty much ready to go. Maintaining consistency with our little ones is especially important when their regular teacher is unavailable. The poster for the week told me immediately that this week is about “Resourcefulness”.75462357_717483238760514_3903011286396436480_n There were four cards (the activities for the day), a book to read, stickers for one of the activities and the weekly newsletter. The lesson cards are easy to use especially nice when you are normally not a Toddler teacher!

70171586_2392121791054495_5796780727911579648_nThese activities in the Experience Toddler curriculum are definitely more age appropriate for this group. They are working on skills that are going to benefit them in our preschool class. We appreciate that Experience Early Learning puts in all of the effort to plan these awesome activities.  Not only do our Toddlers love these activities, but the teachers do too!


Community Helpers – Firefighters and Fire Safety

77180166_1447870215351976_6391533217647689728_nWe have had fun kicking off our Community Helpers unit with Experience Preschool, formerly Mother Goose Time. Week 1, Lesson 1 was all about Firefighters. During circle time we talked about what Firefighters do and how they help us. We took the opportunity with this topic to talk about fire safety with our classes. What should we do if we hear a smoke detector go off? Where is our meeting place at school? Do they have a meeting place at home if they have a fire? Fires are scary, however, it’s important to review safety tips with children so that they know what to do in case of an emergency. We talked about getting low and how that helps us, and reviewed our rules on exiting the school quickly and safely. Every month we have a fire drill, so this was a good time to talk more about it and why we do these drills every month. This week was a great week to learn or review 911 as well.


Experience Preschool (formerly Mother Goose Time) provides great art projects as well. After we talked about fire safety the children got to make a Fire Fork Painting – Experience Preschool provided all of the materials, we just needed the paint! The children had fun using the forks to make the flames for their fire. So far they are enjoying this unit. We have a lot of dramatic play going on with fun dress up items for them to try on! We are looking forward to our second week with the Community Helpers unit and learning more about the people who help out our community.



Happy Halloween 2019!

We had so much fun at our Halloween Party this year! We had a couple different sensory activities, crafts and games. We even had a Trick-or-Treat Costume Parade where each class got to hand out some goodies to their friends.

Slimy Noodles and plastic eyeballs were a sensory hit!

75519345_10156758996571527_3671467589424381952_nWe dyed the rice orange and added some cinnamon for this fun scoop and pour activity. We had orange rice everywhere, but they loved it!

Felt projects, spider webs with tweezers, gluing foam pieces to make a spider puppet, Pumpkin Bowling, build your own snack mix… needless to say, we were pretty busy!


And then we went trick-or-treating! We try to limit the sugar intake, especially on big days like Halloween, so since the trail mix activity had some sweets, we handed out little cutie orange jack-o-lanterns, pencils, erasers, notepads, and a variety of other little goodies.

It was a great day and it was so fun to see everyone in their wonderful costumes!