New From Mother Goose Time- Experience Toddler!

We just received a complimentary sample box of the new Experience Toddler curriculum (formerly known as Mother Goose Time). Right away we love the look of it!

75594460_1172601969610570_554529322145153024_n (1)


It comes with the Experience Toddler Curriculum Guide, which lays everything out nicely. We love the 4-part system they have in place – Plan, Play, Connect with Families, and Observe & Document Growth. This new curriculum makes planning easy with grab and go play cards. They are numbered which makes it easy to know which cards are for which day.


With the Experience Toddler curriculum they will develop 40 skills throughout the month, and everything is really geared towards their age which we love. They have their own newsletter each week which will keep parents informed on what their child is working on.





Each weekly theme comes in one package, complete with a calendar for the week, art supplies, the grab and go cards, and other curriculum materials.74624101_550793699009431_601352553094971392_n73497931_874055722990084_3725117194149822464_n In the box we also received an egg carton and a cube, things that they will be using this month.75299771_2358816471047542_4270544999558414336_n

We are so excited to dive into this box of curriculum and see how it works with our Toddlers!

For more information about Experience Toddler, please visit the Mother Goose Time website!

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