Authentic Assessment- Journals

Authentic Assessment comes easy when using Experience Preschool, formally known as Mother Goose Time, in the classroom. Authentic Assessment allows the teachers to capture learning as it happens, and it leads to an improved experience with teaching and learning. Observations are important in the preschool classroom. Teachers learn a lot about each child through observations and authentic assessment.

Experience Preschool sends a ‘My Little Journal’ for each child with each unit. This month our unit is “Down on the Farm.” Inside each journal is a list of journal ideas for each concept.71962334_930788003957203_652619722281451520_n


The first page is always the color of the month, this month our color is blue. The journal idea for this concept was to draw a square barn. The children used blue markers or crayons to draw a square barn, and the teacher observed the children while they worked on their squares. Did they follow directions? Were they able to draw a square? Being able to follow directions is one thing the teachers are observing while working on the journals.








Sometimes the teachers adjust the journal ideas based on their class and the materials on hand. For the letter L the teacher had the children glue craft sticks down in the shape of the letter. Could they create the letter L? Did they place the craft sticks together or far apart? 72163491_790961954653190_5947677965700562944_nAs you are observing your class, ask yourself questions and take notes. How did they approach the activity? What is our current pencil grip? How are we doing with scissors, spacial awareness, basic concepts, etc. The goal is always to see progress, however large or small. As you work on their portfolios throughout the year, taking pictures of some of the activities that get sent home (such as their journals) is a great way to capture some of these observations that were made. A snapshot of their activity with a quick note on what was observed during the activity is always great to look back on to watch their progress throughout the year.

If you are looking for a preschool curriculum to use in your classroom, Experience Preschool is a great choice! They make authentic assessment in your classroom easy by providing plenty of resources to help you document each child’s learning progress throughout the year.

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