Experience Baby- Down On the Farm

We have mentioned before that we love how Mother Goose Time has curriculum for every class in our center (6 weeks-6 years). The first thing that we focus on in our infant class is meeting their needs. After that, everything else we get to do is a bonus! The Experience Baby Infant Curriculum focuses on relationship-based play. Often times we see the babies dancing to the CD that we get each month! They love the new music, and our teacher loves the Teacher Bundle that they get each month with every unit!

Each Teacher Bundle in the Experience Baby Infant Curriculum includes:

  • 36 Shared Experience Cards
  • Planning Calendar
  • New toy
  • CD
  • Board Book
  • Storytelling Puppets
  • 6 Picture Cards
  • Read with Me book list
  • Rhyme Poster
  • Early Learning Continuum of Skills

The curriculum also includes child packs, which comes with a traveling journal, weekly engagement forms and shared experience stickers. We love that the curriculum helps build relationships between not only the baby and teacher, but the teacher and parents.

Mother Goose Time’s October unit is Down on the Farm. Check out some of the art from our infant class – footprint art is precious! They also had fun painting muddy pigs!

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