“Help Make Words”

This week we have been learning about friendly traits! Lesson 18 of Mother Goose Time’s Family and Pets unit was all about ‘Help.’ This is always a great unit to start the year off with, as we work on classroom management and getting to know new friends. During circle time everyone got a chance to share how they help others. A few children said they help do the dishes, they help a friend when they get hurt, and they help pick up their toys. We talked about why it is important to help and how it makes us feel when we help each other out.




Today’s literacy activity was ‘Help Make Words.’ We practiced sounding out ‘a’ and ‘t’ and learned that when we put those two letters together we spell “at.” They also learned that when we put one more letter in front of “at” we spell a whole new word such as “hat” and “cat.” I placed the picture of the animal on the Decoder Game and they had to find the right letter that the animal started with (r is for rabbit). We practiced sounding out the letters and that helped us figure out how to spell the word!

I used the Decoder Reference Guide as a way to review the letters with the class. Since we are still at the start of the year, it made a great guide to see what letters the children knew/didn’t know. We are wrapping up this unit and are excited to start Down on the Farm next month!

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