Picasso Painting

Week 2 has been all about feelings. Today we talked about feeling mad. Pre-K listened to Head Space, an app for meditation. They talked about what makes them mad and how they feel when they are upset, then got to practice some meditation techniques. We also talked about other ways we can calm down when we are upset (taking a walk, taking some space, drawing, reading, etc.). The lessons this week have been great for the beginning of the school year when we are learning how to address our feelings, and how to recognize how our friends are feeling.b4b1c9ea6828582c0e9400f4ce8c3515.jpg

When we did the Picasso Painting, under Week 2, Lesson 10, they got to do whatever they wanted to create their face. They were creative when it came time to creating their picture, and they all turned out unique. This was a fun project to tie into the different feelings we have talked about this week.


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