Family Tree

Family Tree from Week 1, Lesson 1 in Mother Goose Time’s Family and Pets unit for September is a great example of some of the supplies that Mother Goose Time provides with the curriculum. When the new school year kicks off, it is always busy. Teachers are getting to know the kids and the kids are getting to know the routine. Anything that can be done ahead of time is always helpful. One thing we love about using Mother Goose Time’s curriculum is that they help take so much of the guess work out of planning.


For the My Family Tree activity, Mother Goose Time provided the Title Display and Inspiration Photo, and for each child they provided background paper, green paper, brown paper, and the circle stickers. All that the teachers had to provide was glue, markers, scissors and real leaves. These were materials that the teachers already have in their classrooms so they were not hard to gather, and for the leaves, the children had fun collecting them from outside!

Our teachers love that Mother Goose Time provides so many of the materials because it helps make planning easier.


Station

When we set up our classrooms for a new school year, we think about what new things we can incorporate into our daily routine that will help benefit our students.

Our Pre-K teacher incorporated a sign-in area using Mother Goose Time’s name tags that we get each month with the new curriculum. She laminated them, which allows them to be reused daily! She has a bucket of dry erase markers and erasers for the students to use on the sign-in table, and has them sign-in before circle time. They write their name on the name tag, display it, and meet at the rug for circle time. The repetition of signing in everyday is allowing them some extra practice in writing their name and a fun way of doing it.70464350_389460888614391_6763253428706607104_n.jpg

A sign-in desk is a great thing to incorporate using Mother Goose Time’s name tags for authentic assessment, and if you laminate them they can practice writing their name over and over again all month long. Having daily routines that are not only fun, but informative is such an amazing tool!


Picasso Painting

Week 2 has been all about feelings. Today we talked about feeling mad. Pre-K listened to Head Space, an app for meditation. They talked about what makes them mad and how they feel when they are upset, then got to practice some meditation techniques. We also talked about other ways we can calm down when we are upset (taking a walk, taking some space, drawing, reading, etc.). The lessons this week have been great for the beginning of the school year when we are learning how to address our feelings, and how to recognize how our friends are feeling.b4b1c9ea6828582c0e9400f4ce8c3515.jpg

When we did the Picasso Painting, under Week 2, Lesson 10, they got to do whatever they wanted to create their face. They were creative when it came time to creating their picture, and they all turned out unique. This was a fun project to tie into the different feelings we have talked about this week.