Electricity- A Shocking Experience!

b53046c1491d6f92f9071dd6de2bb5b7Electricity is a fascinating subject. In Lesson 11 of  “Science Lab” with Mother Goose Time, we made our own (paper) light bulbs and had fun connecting the dots on a math worksheet.

We discussed electricity safety, where we find electricity, and how it works (in Pre-K terms). Some examples we talked about were when we get a shock after using a slide, or touching someone after they rubbed their feet on the carpet. We pointed out the electrical sockets and we are aware not to touch them. We also played with balloons and discussed static electricity and what it does to our hair! The children loved playing with the balloons and they were a great visual to see what static electricity does, and it was a great activity to practice communication and sharing.

What a great way to introduce the concept of Electricity to children. It is a necessary and fascinating force, but we also need to talk about how to be safe with such power. Thanks to Mother Goose Time for bringing up this concept as part of our Science Lab unit!

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