Today we completed Mother Goose Time’s Week 2, Lesson 7 – ‘Light.’ The children loved the ‘Searching in the Dark’ activity. The teacher created a tent and sat a set of matching cards inside. The children took turns searching for the matches in the dark under the tent. They took turns hiding pictures and really enjoyed using the flashlight! The room was dark so it was the perfect setting for this activity.

Another activity in this lesson was ‘Color the Rainbow.’ The teacher dimmed the lights and the children colored their rainbow. While they colored they talked about how their eyes adjust to the light. For the last lesson, ‘Color Paddle,’ they colored with different colored markers and then used the color paddle to discover what they could see. They thought the paddle was fun.

The great thing about these activities is that Mother Goose Time provided almost all of it in our “Science Lab” kit, so our teachers spent less time planning and more time enjoying the activities with the children! The things we needed to supply ourselves are basic materials that almost every classroom has on hand.

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