Firework Salt Painting

The Mother Goose Time “Science Lab” unit (August 2019) is off to a great start! Today from Lesson 4, the children completed a Firework Salt Painting as their “Invitation to Create” activity.


They started out the lesson by reading about Alfred Nobel from “Ingenuity”, the story that Mother Goose Time provided in the curriculum this month. They learned that Alfred Noble discovered a mixture that made a big “boom” and how he and his father created dynamite. They talked about how fireworks also make a big “boom” sound when they go off.

As a class, they talked about what colors were in the firework Inspiration Photo, and what colors they were going to use to create their fireworks. They used glue to make their firework design, sprinkled salt over the glue, and then they used watercolors to bring the fireworks to life. They spent a lot of time on this art project because they were having so much fun with it.

These firework paintings turned out really cool and they loved the experience of using salt in their artwork.

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