Electricity- A Shocking Experience!

b53046c1491d6f92f9071dd6de2bb5b7Electricity is a fascinating subject. In Lesson 11 of  “Science Lab” with Mother Goose Time, we made our own (paper) light bulbs and had fun connecting the dots on a math worksheet.

We discussed electricity safety, where we find electricity, and how it works (in Pre-K terms). Some examples we talked about were when we get a shock after using a slide, or touching someone after they rubbed their feet on the carpet. We pointed out the electrical sockets and we are aware not to touch them. We also played with balloons and discussed static electricity and what it does to our hair! The children loved playing with the balloons and they were a great visual to see what static electricity does, and it was a great activity to practice communication and sharing.

What a great way to introduce the concept of Electricity to children. It is a necessary and fascinating force, but we also need to talk about how to be safe with such power. Thanks to Mother Goose Time for bringing up this concept as part of our Science Lab unit!



In Lesson 12 of “Science Lab” with Mother Goose Time, the topic was “Structure.” The “Community Challenge” was to talk about community structures. The children got to take turns telling us about what kind of buildings they see in our community. A building across the street from our school is shaped like a rainbow! We talked about how buildings look different and might be that way for different reasons. The children also got a chance to share with us what they like to use to build with (Legos, blocks, etc.).

The triangle necklace activity was a good way to review shapes, and they learned that triangles are the strongest shape and often used in building! 36f67575ef359758baa0d74f222c323dWe love the ‘discuss’ feature under each activity in the Teacher Guide Book- they make a great conversation starter. We practiced our scissor skills by cutting straws into three pieces, and we practiced our fine motor skills by threading them onto a pipe cleaner. They created a triangle and got to wear it as a necklace. We talked about what other shapes they could create out of straws as well.

e22f45048310cbb6849c0f8385c55781.jpgThey also enjoyed using the link strips from Lesson 7 to create the designs on the shape design mat. We love that Mother Goose Time are so packed with fun and learning. Sometimes we get to everything for the day, sometimes we come back to activities and do them again because we enjoyed it so much, and sometimes we reuse the materials in a different way on another day. 



Today we completed Mother Goose Time’s Week 2, Lesson 7 – ‘Light.’ The children loved the ‘Searching in the Dark’ activity. The teacher created a tent and sat a set of matching cards inside. The children took turns searching for the matches in the dark under the tent. They took turns hiding pictures and really enjoyed using the flashlight! The room was dark so it was the perfect setting for this activity.

Another activity in this lesson was ‘Color the Rainbow.’ The teacher dimmed the lights and the children colored their rainbow. While they colored they talked about how their eyes adjust to the light. For the last lesson, ‘Color Paddle,’ they colored with different colored markers and then used the color paddle to discover what they could see. They thought the paddle was fun.

The great thing about these activities is that Mother Goose Time provided almost all of it in our “Science Lab” kit, so our teachers spent less time planning and more time enjoying the activities with the children! The things we needed to supply ourselves are basic materials that almost every classroom has on hand.


Firework Salt Painting

The Mother Goose Time “Science Lab” unit (August 2019) is off to a great start! Today from Lesson 4, the children completed a Firework Salt Painting as their “Invitation to Create” activity.


They started out the lesson by reading about Alfred Nobel from “Ingenuity”, the story that Mother Goose Time provided in the curriculum this month. They learned that Alfred Noble discovered a mixture that made a big “boom” and how he and his father created dynamite. They talked about how fireworks also make a big “boom” sound when they go off.

As a class, they talked about what colors were in the firework Inspiration Photo, and what colors they were going to use to create their fireworks. They used glue to make their firework design, sprinkled salt over the glue, and then they used watercolors to bring the fireworks to life. They spent a lot of time on this art project because they were having so much fun with it.

These firework paintings turned out really cool and they loved the experience of using salt in their artwork.