Starry Night & Mixing Colors!

We love the painting Starry Night from Van Gogh. We always look forward to this lesson when we are doing the Art Studio unit with Mother Goose Time. In Lesson 11, the children got to create “A Starry Night.” We talked about what shapes and designs they see in the sky when the stars are out. Mother Goose Time provided all of the materials we needed for this project – all we needed to provide was the paint! We helped the children swirl their pipe cleaner and then they dipped it in the paint and stamped it on their door hanger. They liked seeing the different designs their pipe cleaner created. The preschool class loves glitter, so it is always fun when a project involves glitter. They sprinkled it on their door hanger and created their “Starry Night.” They got to take these home to hang on their bedroom doors!hm_collage_mini_magick20190722-4-1wxmo1s.jpg

Our Toddler class created stars to resemble the stars that are in the Starry Night painting. The teachers cut out yellow stars and the children got to finger paint them with glitter paint. These turned out really cute, and when they were complete the teachers hung them on the wall with the child’s name to make their own starry night.


Lesson 13 in this unit was all about mixing colors. They reviewed the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow). hm_collage_mini_magick20190725-4-19o0zhhThey talked about what colors they thought they would create when these colors were mixed with each other, and afterwards they got the opportunity to mix red with yellow, yellow with blue, and blue with red. After the children created their colors they painted their coffee filter, and turned them into butterflies!04002C76-F30A-4FFC-BB99-10D6B57EE381



We love that Mother Goose Time allows the teachers to use their own creativity within the lessons.

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