Chalk and Water

At the beginning of the weekly Mother Goose Time Teacher Guides books, there are two pages dedicated to STEAM stations. We love these extra activities! There are great ideas and they allow children to learn through free-play.


Today our Pre-K class did the Chalk & Water activity. When I set up this activity the children saw some chalk on the table sitting next to a cup of water. They immediately wondered what the water was for. One of the questions to ask was what they thought might happen when they dipped the chalk into water. They noticed that once they dipped the chalk into the water the colors became smoother and “totally darker” as one of our kiddos said.

When I asked one of the children if they would want to be a chalk artist they responded with “Sure! Because I like drawing with chalk.”

Chalk and water are not something they often see together, so this STEAM activity was really fun for them. They took their time experimenting with the different chalk colors and loved how much darker they looked on paper when wet, vs. drawing with dry chalk. Having the children use wet chalk isn’t something that is often thought about, as we always bring the chalk out when it is sunny; but letting them use it wet created a totally different art experience and they will get to do this again!

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