Art in France – Pointillism Paintings

This week we have focused on art in France. To go along with Lesson 9 from Mother Goose Time we made pointillism paintings of the Eiffel Tower. We talked about the Eiffel Tower (we love that Mother Goose Time provided information of the Eiffel Tower for the Community Challenge under Lesson 9) and then provided the children with an outline of the Eiffel Tower and a Q-tip so they could make small dots. They really concentrated on making each dot and filling in their Eiffel Tower before working on making their dots around it. They did find that making dots was more time consuming, but they enjoyed using different colors and seeing the patterns they were making!

Our Toddlers did their own version of pointillism paintings by using dot painters. They had fun stamping these on their paper and even got to try to use some hole punchers to make more dots!

One of the fun things about having different age groups is seeing how each class did their own version of the same lesson, based on their age-group. Pointillism paintings are fun and we are excited to do more!

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