A to Zoo Field Trip!

To celebrate our last day of the school year, we took a family field trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. We had a total of 51 (students, parents, and siblings) and then a great group of kiddos under 2. It was an amazing turnout, a beautiful day, and such a fun way to wrap up our June “A to Zoo Animals” unit with Mother Goose Time!65774952_2367331780024441_9115634036365066240_n


Along the way, one of our kiddos spotted a collection of bees in the flowers and said, “Look Ms. Jennie, they are pollinating!” (April- Bees and Butterflies) As we finished up our school year with graduation and this adventure, I am always amazed at how much our children have learned and retained.

They have had fun, made friendships and a community of parents has been formed. I love having a moment to reflect on the impact our little school has on our community!


Ok, here’s a few highlights from our field trip!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had such a great day at the Zoo and we have really enjoyed our school year together! We are looking forward to Summer camp with Mother Goose Time (Art Studio and Science Lab). When there are great families and sweet children, there is always more fun to be had!

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