More Math and Literacy!

Do you ever find yourself needing an extra activity for your class? Maybe they finished what you had planned for the day faster than you expected, and there is still a lot of class time left. Or there isn’t much planned but you need to come up with an activity that ties into the unit. We love the Mother Goose Time ‘More Math’ and ‘More Literacy’ books for this reason. These books are a great way to incorporate some extra math and literacy practice into the day and they make great work samples. We get a set of these books each month and our Preschool and Pre-K.64454705_10156436336016527_8542202739243876352_n.jpg

Today we reviewed the letter M in class. We found the Measure the Moose Antlers worksheet in the More Math book, which tied in perfectly with today’s topic. With this worksheet they practiced scissor skills by cutting out the ruler and antlers. They decided which antlers they liked best on the moose and then practiced measuring.64591731_10156436336176527_4474417678236254208_n We worked on where to place the ruler when measuring something and then they lined up the antlers from smallest to biggest. This was a great way to see how everyone is doing on their scissor skills, and if they needed help it was a chance to remind them how we hold our scissors and that our thumb stays on top.

Another worksheet we did today to add some extra literacy in was a Quick Review, where they described what was happening in the three pictures and then told me what happened next. They all said similar things about the three pictures (the girl sat the apple on the fence, the raccoon saw the apple, and then by the third picture all of the animals ate the apple). They all had very different endings, for instance one child made his ending about an alligator finding another apple and sharing it with the girl after the animals ate hers. After everyone had a chance to dictate their story with me we read them as a class. It was fun to read all of the different endings, when the story started out the same.64454513_10156436366611527_6978192769227423744_o.jpg

Sometimes we make copies and send some pages home so the parents and children can work together. This gives the parents a chance to see what we are working on in class, and gets them working together and practicing these skills at home.

If you need something extra to do with your class, these books are great to have on hand! We love that they line up with the Developmental Continuum of Skills chart that Mother Goose Time provides at the beginning of the year. 13.1 was on our Quick Review worksheet, so we can easily match this worksheet to the chart and see what skill we are working on.

Mother Goose Time has a variety of ways to differentiate instruction and having these extra resources is just one example. Check out their website for more information about the basic curriculum and all the materials that can be added to any type of learning environment!


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