This last week our Pre-K class had a special guest. One of the parents from that class recently took a trip to Africa and brought back special beads for the children to make bracelets. 62620981_470494737095249_2865620283178352640_n.jpgBefore they got to pick their beads and make their bracelet, we learned about how these beads were made and what special cause they support. The children learned that not everyone is provided a free education in elementary school, and we learned that the proceeds from the jewelry that is created with these beads helps send children to school as part of the Sub-Saharan Education Project. We think this is a great cause and have provided the link below, if anyone is interested in learning more!



The children got to see where Africa is on the map that Mother Goose Time provides us. We love that the map is colorful, because when asked if the children knew where Africa was, they responded with “It’s the brown one on the map!” They easily recognize the continents by what color they are.

The children had so much fun feeling the beads and picking out which ones they wanted to include in their bracelet. This was a special experience and we loved learning more about this special cause that she is a part of. 

This also gave us a chance to talk about what animals they might see in Africa, which tied into this month’s MGT “A to Zoo Animals” unit. We are loving this unit, and at the end of the month we are looking forward to seeing some of these animals at the Portland Zoo!

For more information about the Sub-Saharan Education Project please visit https://ssepempower.org/

and for more information about Mother Goose Time and the fun upcoming Summer Camp units, please visit https://www.mothergoosetime.com/

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