A to Zoo Animals- June 2019

We are so excited for our June MGT unit, “A to Zoo Animals”! This is one of our favorite units and at the end of the month, we are planning to visit the Portland Zoo for a fun family day! There are so many fun activities for each letter/animal and I love how this unit is organized. It is a lot of fun and a great review of our basic concepts. It is also fun to see just how far our kids have come in their basic concepts!Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 11.20.43 AM.png

One exciting link that is available in the online “Member Resources” for this month is the Letter Outlines. There are upper and lower case letter outlines available. We print a set of these and use  them throughout the year for a variety of activities.





In our Pre-K class, they use them to practice the Monthly Letters with words they can think of that start with that sound. They have been practicing all year and it is so fun to see how much their writing, letter and sound recognition has improved! They work together to create a word wall with Ms. Jennifer and then they get to choose which words they want to add to the Letter Outline. 61832574_906342139713611_3567448536691769344_n


These letter outlines are also great for quick and easy letter art projects. Yesterday, my friends made “Beautiful Alligators” for the Letter A, and today they made Blue Birds for the Letter B.


On top of the great curriculum kits and daily activities, we love that Mother Goose Time provides our teachers and children even more resources to tap into their creativity!




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