Come In and See

Engaging our community of families happens from the very first meeting. How a parent and child feel coming through the door for a tour is their first impression and it matters. Hopefully they feel welcome and at ease. Sometimes the classroom is busy with the activities in progress. Sometimes there is the remainder of snacks or art projects on the table because we were really excited to go outside. Sometimes there is sand on the floor that came in from recess that morning. Sometimes a child is sad at that moment, but seeing how the teacher handles the situation is what matters. Parents may appreciate the security of the building, the interactions they observe, our system for checking in/out and communicating throughout the day, etc. But parents always want to know what their child is going to do while they are at school.

From our May unit “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats”
The National Standards for Early Childhood and how they will be met throughout the month of learning together.

We love that Mother Goose Time has this covered. Not only do we have a new theme each month that keeps us all excited and engaged, but we are automatically communicating about what we are learning by posting our theme posters from MGT. Parents and children look at the activities and books that are on the shelf that rotate with each unit. They look at the bulletin boards in the classroom to see what we are learning about. They may notice the artwork or writing that is displayed and all of this sets a standard that we are learning through play. We have activities planned each day that are fun and educational. While a child is in our care, they are not only loved and cared for, but also taught!

We are so excited for our upcoming unit, “A to Zoo Animals”, where we will review the alphabet and other basic concepts that we have learned throughout the school year. June is always a fun review and at the end of the month, we will be taking a family field trip to the zoo!

Learning together is so much fun!

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