Hydration Station!

from “A Cool Drink of Water”

It’s important to stay hydrated, and today we talked about why! We filled a pitcher full of nice cold water, wrote their names on a cup and put a line on it. We had the children practice pouring their own water, filling their cup to the line. When they drank their water they colored in a line on their Water Bottle Chart provided by Mother Goose Time for Week 4, Lesson 19 of “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats”.61068873_10156374116476527_9201051229256417280_n.jpg They were surprised that the recommended amount of water each day is eight!

This activity led into a great discussion about water conservation (Week 4, Lesson 20). They learned what conservation means. We talked about how our water is a very important resource, and one that we have to help save. We read “A Cool Drink of Water” and learned that not everyone is lucky enough to have fresh water easily accessible.61436153_10156374116676527_4595324198779355136_n.jpg We talked about ways that we can save water; turning it off while we brush our teeth, watering a plant instead of dumping it out, turn the water off while washing our hands or hair. They came up with great ideas on how they can help save this precious resource, and are challenged to make small changes throughout the day that will help conserve the water!

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