An Invitation to Fun!

When a child walks into school first thing in the morning, they are (more often then not) excited to be there. They are excited to see their friends. They are excited for their activities, and they are excited to play outside. We like to welcome our children in with smiles and activities that are inviting. Mother Goose Time makes the inviting part really easy – as they supply most of the materials that we will use in the lesson. How we set it up determines if it is going to look exciting to the children or not.

Today’s topic was Washing Dishes – Week 3, Lesson 12 in our Bubbles, Boats, and Floats unit. We had two tubs of water out today – one filled with dish soap to make “soapy water” (the theme this week), and one with clear water. There were dishes and towels, and the children had fun washing and rinsing the dishes over and over again! This has been a fun unit because they have had the chance to play in the water quite a bit.hm_collage_mini_magick20190508-4-1975xaw Having materials out and ready to go on the table allows the children to have creative freedom.

For our “Invitation to Create” and “Make and Play” activities, We love the Inspiration Photo that Mother Goose Time sends along with the supplies. We like to hang it above the art table with the materials that they will use to create their project. It is always fun to see how the children decide to use the materials that are given to them.

We had so much fun creating bubbly art with paint, cups, and bubble wrap. It was interesting to see how each piece of art in this Invitation to Create turned out different based on how the child chose to use the materials. Process art is a beautiful experience for early childhood and we appreciate that Mother Goose Time gives opportunities for Process based art, as well as some product based art where children follow directions toward a specific outcome. All of this is an invitation to fun!

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