Life Cycle of a Butterfly

There is so much to be learned about our own nature by observing the life cycle of another creature. We thoroughly enjoyed the “Bees and Butterflies” unit in the month of April with Mother Goose Time, but we had to wait to fully end the unit until our butterflies were set free, so here’s the recap!

Over the first week or so, we observed our caterpillars as they grew a little each day. The children had great questions about the black flakes, what they were eating, and the silky material they seemed to be spinning into a web.

Mother Goose Time provided us with a lot of information and fun projects that first week as we focused on the Life Cycle of a butterfly.

59824100_10156345105071527_3238297997066371072_nThen, one day we came in a saw that our caterpillars were doing something new- they were hanging upside down in the shape of a “J”. We knew what that meant- soon they would all be chrysalises.

Over the next week, we watched and waited.

Finally, we came in to school one morning and noticed there was one butterfly! Then we got to observe the next one emerge. Then there were three, four , five…

One of our children is very mathematically minded. He loves numbers and he knew there were 6 caterpillars, 6 chrysalises and that meant there should be six butterflies. What had happened to the last one?



We also had one day where the children were very concerned about the reddish fluid all over the netting. They thought the butterfly was dyeing and asked the teacher if she could save it and give it CPR? We talked about how when something is born, it is going from a liquid state to dry on the outside and sometimes that is messy. The butterfly was okay and just needed time to dry its wings.

The day came to release the butterflies- so magical!

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After weeks of learning and observing, our butterflies are free to complete their final stage of the life cycle- to lay their eggs and begin the cycle again. What an amazing journey!


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