What is “Bubbles, Boats and Floats” all about?

Our classes are really excited for the May unit with Mother Goose Time, “Bubbles, Boats and Floats”. What is this unit about exactly? We are learning all about different bodies of water, the water cycle and conservation, soapy water, rainbows and more! So far this week, we have learned about Rivers, Beavers, Boats, and Alligators. My favorite was the sleeping Alligator in our preschool class that led them to have a very quiet morning, so as not to wake him.


58373262_2251666981590922_3693427237517787136_o.jpg We recently celebrated Earth Day and we talked about ways we can help out our planet. This unit ties in nicely with our recent discussion, as they learn how they can conserve water.

This is a tricky unit when it comes to filling our shelves with activities because there is so much we will be covering, so we look at other units we have had that tie in with this one. For example, we tie in some elements of weather, ocean and pond themed activities so that we have more toys to go around (we have 4 classrooms). We also take a look at any Toy Box recommendations from the Mother Goose Time website.Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 3.11.05 PM.png

We love to incorporate mini units within our main one, and for “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats” we like to spend some time talking about the ocean and the different bodies of water. They love the beach (we live an hour away from one), and they get excited to spend some time learning more about the ocean. We love that Mother Goose Time makes it easy to be able to incorporate mini units within their lessons.



Bubbles, Boats, and Floats is a fun unit to incorporate lots of science. We have fun making predictions and experimenting with what floats and sinks in the water.

We have measuring cups to practice pouring and measuring, and the kids are enjoying getting to play in the water!

We had so much fun practicing our fine motor and hand-eye coordination with pouring.  We are little scientists!

As the weather is getting warmer, we are excited to take some of our water play outside! More to come on that adventure!

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