Come In and See

Engaging our community of families happens from the very first meeting. How a parent and child feel coming through the door for a tour is their first impression and it matters. Hopefully they feel welcome and at ease. Sometimes the classroom is busy with the activities in progress. Sometimes there is the remainder of snacks or art projects on the table because we were really excited to go outside. Sometimes there is sand on the floor that came in from recess that morning. Sometimes a child is sad at that moment, but seeing how the teacher handles the situation is what matters. Parents may appreciate the security of the building, the interactions they observe, our system for checking in/out and communicating throughout the day, etc. But parents always want to know what their child is going to do while they are at school.

From our May unit “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats”
The National Standards for Early Childhood and how they will be met throughout the month of learning together.

We love that Mother Goose Time has this covered. Not only do we have a new theme each month that keeps us all excited and engaged, but we are automatically communicating about what we are learning by posting our theme posters from MGT. Parents and children look at the activities and books that are on the shelf that rotate with each unit. They look at the bulletin boards in the classroom to see what we are learning about. They may notice the artwork or writing that is displayed and all of this sets a standard that we are learning through play. We have activities planned each day that are fun and educational. While a child is in our care, they are not only loved and cared for, but also taught!

We are so excited for our upcoming unit, “A to Zoo Animals”, where we will review the alphabet and other basic concepts that we have learned throughout the school year. June is always a fun review and at the end of the month, we will be taking a family field trip to the zoo!

Learning together is so much fun!


Hydration Station!

from “A Cool Drink of Water”

It’s important to stay hydrated, and today we talked about why! We filled a pitcher full of nice cold water, wrote their names on a cup and put a line on it. We had the children practice pouring their own water, filling their cup to the line. When they drank their water they colored in a line on their Water Bottle Chart provided by Mother Goose Time for Week 4, Lesson 19 of “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats”.61068873_10156374116476527_9201051229256417280_n.jpg They were surprised that the recommended amount of water each day is eight!

This activity led into a great discussion about water conservation (Week 4, Lesson 20). They learned what conservation means. We talked about how our water is a very important resource, and one that we have to help save. We read “A Cool Drink of Water” and learned that not everyone is lucky enough to have fresh water easily accessible.61436153_10156374116676527_4595324198779355136_n.jpg We talked about ways that we can save water; turning it off while we brush our teeth, watering a plant instead of dumping it out, turn the water off while washing our hands or hair. They came up with great ideas on how they can help save this precious resource, and are challenged to make small changes throughout the day that will help conserve the water!


An Invitation to Fun!

When a child walks into school first thing in the morning, they are (more often then not) excited to be there. They are excited to see their friends. They are excited for their activities, and they are excited to play outside. We like to welcome our children in with smiles and activities that are inviting. Mother Goose Time makes the inviting part really easy – as they supply most of the materials that we will use in the lesson. How we set it up determines if it is going to look exciting to the children or not.

Today’s topic was Washing Dishes – Week 3, Lesson 12 in our Bubbles, Boats, and Floats unit. We had two tubs of water out today – one filled with dish soap to make “soapy water” (the theme this week), and one with clear water. There were dishes and towels, and the children had fun washing and rinsing the dishes over and over again! This has been a fun unit because they have had the chance to play in the water quite a bit.hm_collage_mini_magick20190508-4-1975xaw Having materials out and ready to go on the table allows the children to have creative freedom.

For our “Invitation to Create” and “Make and Play” activities, We love the Inspiration Photo that Mother Goose Time sends along with the supplies. We like to hang it above the art table with the materials that they will use to create their project. It is always fun to see how the children decide to use the materials that are given to them.

We had so much fun creating bubbly art with paint, cups, and bubble wrap. It was interesting to see how each piece of art in this Invitation to Create turned out different based on how the child chose to use the materials. Process art is a beautiful experience for early childhood and we appreciate that Mother Goose Time gives opportunities for Process based art, as well as some product based art where children follow directions toward a specific outcome. All of this is an invitation to fun!


Life Cycle of a Butterfly

There is so much to be learned about our own nature by observing the life cycle of another creature. We thoroughly enjoyed the “Bees and Butterflies” unit in the month of April with Mother Goose Time, but we had to wait to fully end the unit until our butterflies were set free, so here’s the recap!

Over the first week or so, we observed our caterpillars as they grew a little each day. The children had great questions about the black flakes, what they were eating, and the silky material they seemed to be spinning into a web.

Mother Goose Time provided us with a lot of information and fun projects that first week as we focused on the Life Cycle of a butterfly.

59824100_10156345105071527_3238297997066371072_nThen, one day we came in a saw that our caterpillars were doing something new- they were hanging upside down in the shape of a “J”. We knew what that meant- soon they would all be chrysalises.

Over the next week, we watched and waited.

Finally, we came in to school one morning and noticed there was one butterfly! Then we got to observe the next one emerge. Then there were three, four , five…

One of our children is very mathematically minded. He loves numbers and he knew there were 6 caterpillars, 6 chrysalises and that meant there should be six butterflies. What had happened to the last one?



We also had one day where the children were very concerned about the reddish fluid all over the netting. They thought the butterfly was dyeing and asked the teacher if she could save it and give it CPR? We talked about how when something is born, it is going from a liquid state to dry on the outside and sometimes that is messy. The butterfly was okay and just needed time to dry its wings.

The day came to release the butterflies- so magical!

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After weeks of learning and observing, our butterflies are free to complete their final stage of the life cycle- to lay their eggs and begin the cycle again. What an amazing journey!



What is “Bubbles, Boats and Floats” all about?

Our classes are really excited for the May unit with Mother Goose Time, “Bubbles, Boats and Floats”. What is this unit about exactly? We are learning all about different bodies of water, the water cycle and conservation, soapy water, rainbows and more! So far this week, we have learned about Rivers, Beavers, Boats, and Alligators. My favorite was the sleeping Alligator in our preschool class that led them to have a very quiet morning, so as not to wake him.


58373262_2251666981590922_3693427237517787136_o.jpg We recently celebrated Earth Day and we talked about ways we can help out our planet. This unit ties in nicely with our recent discussion, as they learn how they can conserve water.

This is a tricky unit when it comes to filling our shelves with activities because there is so much we will be covering, so we look at other units we have had that tie in with this one. For example, we tie in some elements of weather, ocean and pond themed activities so that we have more toys to go around (we have 4 classrooms). We also take a look at any Toy Box recommendations from the Mother Goose Time website.Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 3.11.05 PM.png

We love to incorporate mini units within our main one, and for “Bubbles, Boats, and Floats” we like to spend some time talking about the ocean and the different bodies of water. They love the beach (we live an hour away from one), and they get excited to spend some time learning more about the ocean. We love that Mother Goose Time makes it easy to be able to incorporate mini units within their lessons.



Bubbles, Boats, and Floats is a fun unit to incorporate lots of science. We have fun making predictions and experimenting with what floats and sinks in the water.

We have measuring cups to practice pouring and measuring, and the kids are enjoying getting to play in the water!

We had so much fun practicing our fine motor and hand-eye coordination with pouring.  We are little scientists!

As the weather is getting warmer, we are excited to take some of our water play outside! More to come on that adventure!