Literacy is Bigger than Letters!

When we talk about literacy in the classroom, it goes beyond just letters, the sounds they make and pre-reading skills. If you google “what is literacy?” the definition is…

  • the ability to read and write
  • competence or knowledge in a specified area

Mother Goose Time takes a global approach to learning, which matches the way the brain is developing in the early childhood years. Each activity is carefully planned to include skills across the content areas, to pack the most learning and fun.

For the month of April, we are learning all about Bees and Butterflies. The first two weeks was focused on Bees and this week we shifted our attention to butterflies. Is is so fun to hear children using big words like “metamorphosis”, “chrysalis” and “larvae”.

Did you know that a caterpillar that forms a chrysalis will become a butterfly and a caterpillar that forms a cocoon will become a moth? One hangs and one lays- do you know which is which? Ask your child!

Our outside time has included many signs of Spring. We have been pulling out weeds from the garden beds and planting some wild flowers for our growing caterpillars to enjoy after they make their transformation.

Monday was all about “Eggs”. We gathered a variety of leaves from outside and made some guesses as to which kinds would be able to support Butterfly eggs and which probably wouldn’t.

Then we made our own Egg on a Leaf art. We like to use the Daily Topic Poster and the Invitation to Create poster to display our artwork. 57180224_10156293901141527_956114193159815168_n.jpg

Naturally, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” was on the MGT recommended book list for this month and we have been really enjoying retelling the story with our felt board!

Today was all about Caterpillars. We started sorting a dying noodles for our Butterfly Life Cycle sensory box (more on that another day).

We used our Pocket cube to practice our shape recognition, as we worked together to build the longest caterpillar. Whatever shaped was rolled, is what we picked out of the basket to add to the caterpillar. We measured each other and other things around the room in the same way.

To round out the plan for the day, we had a true letter learning activity, but even that incorporated fine motor development, teamwork and cooperation. We used our letter recognition cards. We flipped over one card at a time and decided what letter, or sound, it started with. Then we “munched” a hole in the correct letter leaf with a single hole punch. Our children came back to this activity later in the afternoon because it was so fun. We will definitely be adding it to our literacy shelf!57303421_10156294207106527_6967578612253851648_o

We love that our Mother Goose Time activity guide is so comprehensive for not only letter literacy, but overall comprehension of the topic at hand. Every child learns differently, so when we take a global approach, we can guarantee everyone learns and it is so fun!

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