Literacy in the Classroom

Mother Goose Time offers plenty of opportunities to teach literacy in the classroom. We love the “Little Letter Books included (3 each month), new name tags, picture cube letter cards and so much more! 

We love pulling other activities to extend the lessons. For instance, kite is one of the site words given to us to use this month for the letter K. Our Pre-K class made kites, and finished the sentence “If I was a kite…” that we wrote on a cloud to go on the back of their kite. One kiddo said they would “Go to Mexico and eat a lot of things!” Another kiddo said that they would fly to Colorado. Having them finish the sentence made it a complete one, and was a fun way to use their imaginations to create a sentence. Art and literacy go really well together, and often times the art creates a really good visual for literacy. Our kites are hanging from our ceiling with their sentences on the back. The kites are a fun visual for a word that starts with our letter this week.

Any time we introduce a new letter we always create a list of words that start with that letter. Today we made our list of K words. We practiced making the letter sound, and had to find words that matched that sound. Some of them named words that started with the letter C, so we discussed how though they sound similar, they don’t start with the letter K. We came up with 11 words.56811288_856577744684485_5653716926354948096_n

We also love to use the “Experience More Literacy” book that is an option with the curriculum. We printed out the ‘Letter Kk worksheet that helps us identify letters and words, and practiced tracing and writing the letter k, as well as the site words that were given to us. The children worked really hard on their worksheets and by the end of it were getting the hang of how to write the letter K. They chose a word from our list that they wanted to write to finish the worksheet.56608788_351106308865625_3008619548556394496_n










The letter printouts are so fun to use and we do several different things with them each month, whether it be making artwork out of the letter or tracing the outline and filling it up with words. Today we filled it up with 16 K’s! 16 is one of our numbers this month, so it was a great way to tie in one of our numbers to practice counting while we practiced writing the letter K some more.

One other smart thing that Mother Goose Time does is introduce the letters away from traditional ABC order. This forces children to know the letters individually and what sound they make, not just because they can sing the song. We love to incorporate letter learning across the content areas because the more children see it in a variety of ways, the more likely it is to stick!

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