Be a Bucket Filler!

For the month of April, our Friendship Trait focus is on “Beeing Respectful”.56408576_10156266011491527_8221284530938445824_n As we close out one unit and begin another, we sometimes have a hard time sharing the toys, games, books, etc. Our preschool class was having a particularly hard time yesterday and their teacher was fast on her feet. They had already completed the activities for the morning and were getting antsy for lunch. Ms. Heather asked if we had any books in the office about sharing and the closest we had was “How Full is your Bucket for Kids”. 55837795_10156264167226527_2066758281677766656_n (1).jpg





After reading the story, Ms. Heather gave each child a piece of paper with a hand-drawn bucket on it with the child’s name. She put stickers out on the table and they proceeded to fill the buckets with stickers. Some children didn’t want the help of others and some were very excited to get a sticker from a friend. We talked about how it feels good to get a sticker and it feels good to make someone else happy by giving them a sticker.

This morning was a very different tone. Children were excited to work together, they were more respectful, asking before taking, and there was a lot more collaborative play.

We put this puzzle together 3 times as a team this morning!

While everyone was busy checking out the new activities on the shelf, I was working on scrubbing some crayon off the table tops. My little friends were so excited to be bucket fillers that they all wanted to help. They were enthusiastic about being helpful and before long, we had the tables looking much better.56478628_10156266011806527_2042947588579131392_n

We love that Mother Goose Time makes character building a regular piece of our day. The first 5 years of a child’s life are critical to their social/emotional growth and a time when the brain is most receptive to learning.

It is an honor to join them on their journey!

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