Desert Nights

We have reached the end of our “Desert Discovery” unit with Mother Goose Time– March flew by so fast!

Our Days were full of fun and STEAM learning, but one of our favorite activities was the Desert Night activity.54190728_893778610953336_8911803895043325952_n54346727_2248534465211715_6073759784396390400_n

This project took two days and led to some great conversations. We began by drawing in crayon some things we thought we might find in the desert at night. There were animals, cactus, other plants, bugs and snakes. We talked about what animals might be awake and what might be sleeping at night, and why. Then we painted over our drawings with thinned black paint. The next day, when the painting was dry, we added sparkly stars in the night sky. This was one of our favorite projects.

Books give us good information to lead our thinking!

Another favorite activity from our play shelf was the balancing cactus. Sometimes children were stack them independently, and sometimes we would use it as a cooperative game. We always love the new puzzle for each month from Mother Goose Time. It is a great way to add to our collection of available activities each month!

Balancing Cactus and Theme Puzzle

Each month with Mother Goose Time, we receive two new books (one Forest Friends Book and one exclusive MGT book) and we use the Recommended Book List to gather other great books from our collection or from the local library. Mother Goose Time is such a complete package program!56180231_10156263943456527_1762856368726867968_n

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