Bees and Butterflies Preview!

We are so excited for our April unit with Mother Goose Time- “Bees and Butterflies”! This is always one of our favorite units and we learn so much! We spend the first two weeks learning about Bees and the second two weeks on Butterflies. Here is a sneak peek of what we are going to learn!

Our Theme Web
Our Daily Activities Calendar
Our Developmental Continuum of Concepts for April
Our Teacher Guide Books for the Month of April. We love the bright pictures on the covers!
We will be focusing on the letters K, X, and M
Our Preschool and Pre-K friends use these books to supplement their daily activities. We love that MGT provides ways to simplify or challenge children depending on their needs.

Our Portfolio dividers and one of the beautiful Daily Topic posters for April. We love the beautiful photographs on the Topic Posters- such a great way to get us thinking about what we are learning each morning. Thanks Mother Goose Time for giving us such a great platform for fun and learning!

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