Safari So Good!

We are halfway through our January “Going on Safari” unit with Mother Goose Time and we have been having so much fun! The children are loving learning about the different animals and cultural traditions from a different part of the world. We have five different classrooms at our school, ranging in ages from 12 weeks to 5 years, and we really enjoy seeing how the different classrooms use the Mother Goose Time curriculum. Here are just a few highlights from this week!hm_collage_mini_magick20190112-4-je27fa.jpg

Our Pre-K class has set up their sensory table with a safari land of their own, complete with a watering hole, grasslands, and the animals that Mother Goose Time sent us this month! It is so fun to see the children use their imaginations at the sensory table. This brought up a great discussion about what animals eat, and how they survive in that type of habitat.

Our classes have been having a lot of fun with Dramatic play this month. We used large cardboard boxes to make Safari Jeeps. We have had fun pretending to be driving around looking for animals. We cut out windows and a sunroof and taped the edges so that they weren’t sharp. It is fun to hear about all of the fun adventures that they go on with their Jeep! All you need is a big cardboard box to be able to create a fun dramatic play experience!

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Our Wobbler classroom painted their very own giraffe! Their teacher drew a giraffe on a big piece of paper, taped it to the floor, and our Wobblers had fun dancing on the blank canvas before they began painting. Some of them jumped right in and started painting, while some observed before deciding they wanted to try it too. It is hard to tell if they had more paint on themselves, or the giraffe, but messy art is fun art!


Our Infants made lion masks out of paper plates and craft sticks! This was a new experience for our little ones and I think they liked it!

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Mother Goose Time provides so many fun avenues for authentic learning and fun for all of our children, and the teachers like it too!

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