Making Tracks


We had so much fun making Animal Tracks! (Week 2, Lesson 6 in the MGT “Sights and Sounds” unit). At circle time we started off by reading “Big Tracks, Little Tracks (Following Animal Prints)”.20181212_115650.jpg 






In this story we learned how to identify different tracks – which was a great way to lead up to our art activity.

During our Invitation to Create, the children made “Snow Tracks” by recreating different animal prints using a Q-Tip, white paint, and blue paper. Everyone got their own track guide (included in our Daily kit from MGT), and they decided what tracks they wanted to make on their paper.

We talked about what they noticed about the tracks that were in the Inspiration Photo and the tracks that were on their guide.












We talked about the different ways we can make tracks, and their similarities and differences. During the Community Challenge activity, Community Tracks, we took a big piece of paper and used our fingers, hands, and fists to make different tracks on the paper. It was fun to see how everyone decided to make their tracks. We talked about other ways we can make tracks (in sand, mud, etc.) other than the snow, which, where we are, we don’t see too much of.

20181212_120921 (1).jpgOur Pre-K class is doing a snowflake kindness lesson along with the other winter activities we are doing this month. Everyone has a poster saying “Snowflakes of Kindness Create a Blizzard of Happiness.” Everybody is adding a snowflake to everyone’s poster, saying something kind to each friend. The children will get to keep their poster with all of the nice things their classmates have said about them. It is easy for children to say “You’re not my friend,” but at school we try really hard to reinforce that we are all friends, we teach them to use their words or talk to a teacher instead of being physical, and we teach them to work together, so this snowflake project is giving everyone a chance to think about each friend in their class, and say something kind about them. It is so fun to see a smile on each child’s face because one of their classmates said something kind to them!

To round out our lesson on Animal Tracks, Mother Goose Time included a Participation Story and a game that the children really enjoyed.

We love that our lessons come so complete and cover a number of content areas and standards in a short amount of time. We are able to expand upon them, or take them as they are, and our day is complete!

For more information about Mother Goose Time, please visit their website at

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