What is Mother Goose Time?

Mother Goose Time is a wonderful curriculum program that covers all content areas and is based on National Standards for Early Childhood.  It comes packaged and ready to go each month, with a new theme, manipulatives, a book, concept webs, pre-cut and counted materials, etc. Here is just a sampling…

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Art Supplies, Games, A New book, a magnetic storytelling set to go with the book of the month, and so much more!

The materials that Mother Goose Time gives us each month are fantastic. We really enjoy the manipulatives that we get with each unit, and our children love playing with them outside of the intended activities. This month, we had Tangrams included in our September kit. Here are just a few of the ways these shapes have been used in the first few weeks.

It is fun to see their imaginations at work when they are using the materials in a different way. The manipulatives that are sent make counting and pattern recognition more fun for our students.

 The art materials that are provided are great too. The materials that are provided allow the children to use their creativity. It is fun to see how the children choose to use the materials that they are given to complete their projects. Our Bumble Bees (toddlers) really enjoy any material that allows them hand stimulation. A few of their favorite items that have been sent are the pom-poms, sponges and cotton balls.

Yesterday, we were talking about Playing Together. We used a bunch of PomPoms that had been saved from other activities for our Tray Play activity. The goal was to take turns with the big tweezers and fill the jar with pom poms. It was so fun to have these materials on hand and to watch them work so well together.

When our boxes arrive, we undo the packaging and sort the materials, so each class has what they need. Then we place the daily materials into the file boxes. The younger group gets the Little Goose Supplement and the older group gets the More Math and More Literacy books for an added challenge for those who need it.

So much fun and learning are packed into each Mother Goose Time Unit and we are so excited for the year ahead!

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