Professional Development

July Blog Topic #1: How do you continue to challenge yourself and grow as a professional educator? How does using Mother Goose Time curriculum help you learn and try new things? What trainings, accreditations or programs have you participated in that has also been helpful? Any book recommendations?

Mother Goose Time Curriculum has given our classes some great ideas for STEAM. We have been able to try new things because of Mother Goose Time and the curriculum that they provide. We like to look at the curriculum ahead of time to be able to extend on the topics provided and be able to expand further the children’s learning. The curriculum provides great lessons that we may not have thought of and they go into detail on discussions we can have regarding the topic, ways to assess our students, and how to simplify a project or make it more challenging. They have also taken the time to correlate the lessons with National Standards for Early Childhood, ensuring our children are getting what they need and saving our teachers so much much time. Mother Goose Time has not only taught our students a lot, but our teachers as well!

In the State of Oregon, every staff member is required to take at least 15 training hours per year, and 8 of those hours must be in child development. Most of our staff have enjoyed trainings from the Applebaum Training Institute when they come to Oregon, and any of their training books are great. Attending the Applebaum trainings is a great way to gain new knowledge, ideas, and excitement! We come away from those trainings excited to apply what we have learned into our center. Our teachers also have a step in ORO (Oregon Registry Online). Our trainings are recorded in ORO, and when we have a certain amount of training hours we earn a step that shows our qualifications on paper. Most of our staff members have earned a step 7.5 or higher. The desire to earn a certain step in ORO has encouraged our staff members to take more training hours and work hard to earn a higher step because these qualifications are important.

If you ever get the chance to take a training from the Applebaum Training Institute, do it – you will not regret it!


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