“I Can Read” Books


Each month with Mother Goose Time, we receive an “I can Read” book. During OCean Commotion, the book was called “What am I?”


The teachers read the book a few times as the children followed along. As the teacher read the story, the children enjoyed looking at the animal that was hiding and guessing what it was.


After the teacher was done reading, the children got the chance to read the book back to the teacher. The teacher worked with the children to sound out any words that they did not know. At the end of the story they got to draw their favorite ocean animal.33095537_10155603123636527_119866240809304064_n (1) The teacher wrote the name of the animal for them and they worked on tracing over the letters. Some of the older students were able to write the name of the ocean animal themselves. This was a fun way to combine writing and reading.

This is only one example of how the “I Can Read” books have been used in the classroom. Sometimes we hunt for letter/words, sometimes we practice following directions with underlining or circling. The most important part is that interaction between the child and the words.

We really enjoy the “I Can Read” books. The children get to take their books home and read it to their parents. Many parents mention how their children have the book memorized and how excited they are to be reading!

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