Our Community is Blasting Off to Space!

We have a large bulletin board at each center that we call our “Community Board”. Each month, we take a theme (usually our topic of study from Mother Goose Time), and we involve all of our children to create a fun display. The boards for “Blast Off to Space” (March 2018) turned out very cute!


At our main center, we gave each class a different piece- we had Astronauts, Shooting Stars (Which the children corrected when they learned that “shooting stars” are actually not stars), Aliens, and Rockets. We try to get a picture of each child for the board every month because it is so fun to see how much they grow throughout the year.29472965_10155471327191527_1644770619595495722_n

At our second location, everyone was an astronaut, but we incorporated the order of the planets. The children got to decorate their piece and put it on the board however they liked. I think they turned out so fun and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for next month- Ocean Commotion!

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