Evergreen Space Museum Field Trip

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to take 33 children to the Evergreen Space Museum for a field trip, as part of our “Blast Off to Space” unit with Mother Goose Time! A few of those 33 were siblings because the Corvallis School district was closed for conferences, and we were so glad to have a few bigger kids, as well as a number of parents, to help us on the adventure. The tour was mostly about the “Space Race” and things we learned from the moon landing. There were plenty of stops for hand-on fun and the mission control room is always a highlight. The staff at Evergreen was amazing! They presented everything in a way that we all enjoyed and could learn from. It was busy, but from the bus, to the playground, the tour, and lunch, it was a great day! I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area!

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Field trip tips!

  1. Have plenty of helpful adults! (not all parents are actually helpful on field trips, either because they aren’t sure what to do, or their child behaves differently for them, then they would for a teacher.)
  2. Have special field trip shirts so they are easy to spot and everyone can tell you are all together.
  3. Name tags for everyone! We put emergency info on the children’s, so if something were to go very badly, we could hand someone that child’s sticker, and his/her parents could be contacted. We label who is a “Parent Volunteer” and who is “Staff”. We also put a little picture on it (Sun, Moon, Rockets, etc.) so each small group has their own and when we do a roll call, we can be sure everyone is accounted for quickly. For example, I simply say, “Where are my Stars?” and that adult can tell me they have the 1-3 children they are responsible for.
  4. Give yourself plenty of time! We did well on our time budget getting to the museum, but we were having so much fun, that we should give ourselves more time for the return trip next time.
  5. Pack a bag/box of all the Extras! Extra shirts, extra name tags, changes of clothes, First Aid kit, tissues, wipes, etc. A fold able wagon to carry the extra stuff and lunches is a great idea!
  6. Have trip activities and snacks! Just like when you travel with your own children, be prepared. Even if they had snack 15 minutes before loading the bus, they will be hungry. We had bags of snack with paper souffle cups for the chaperones to divide up as they saw necessary. We also had Magnetic Doodle pads, coloring books/crayons, and books all about Space to pass the time on the bus (this trip was about an hour each way for us and they did great!)
  7. Be flexible, organized, and have fun!29496277_10155471327156527_7740170970109942506_n

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