Teacher’s are only one piece of the teaching!

We love to engage our parents in the learning process! We want to provide a variety of ways for teachers and parents to work together. One way that we do this is by sending things home for children to complete with the parents, and then return to school. It helps parents to know what we are working on at school, how their child is doing academically, and it provides for parent/teacher. Here a re a few ways we facilitate that home-school connection!

  1. Reading Logs24173685_10155185723201527_748842498333817452_o.jpgAt the beginning of the year, we sent home a letter to parents explaining the importance of Reading and our goal for the year. Children and parents read together at home and write the titles on their reading log. After 20 books, they return the reading log for a prize and they get to add a leaf with their name and number of books to the Reading Tree board. This is such a fun way to encourage reading at home and to work towards a collective goal. Last year we read over 4000 books in the course of the school year and we gave out a Gift Certificate to a local bookstore to our top Pre-K readers at graduation.
  2. Homework from Mother Goose Time
    1. “I Can Read” books: Our teachers use these books as homework. They will use them as outlined in the lesson plan book in class and then they will send them home. The children read the book 5 times at home and color in a star on their paper for each time. When they have all 5 colored in, they can return it for a sticker prize.
    2. More Literacy and More Math Books: Our teacher will use some of the pages from these Add-On books as homework and some to supplement or challenge kiddos in class.
  3. Whole Group Projects: 

    Each year, we send home a solid-colored card stock in a sheet protector with a slip of paper that explains the task. Parents are asked to work with their child to create a Family Scrapbook page. When it is complete, they return it and it goes into the Family Scrapbook binder. Throughout the year, if we add any new children, they get to add to the Scrapbook. It is so fun to get to know each of our families, but also to incorporate everyone in our School Family.

    Sometimes we use our Community Board to involve parents as well. This month, we made a Thankful Board and put up a feather with each child’s Name and Picture. Then we sent home an additional feather for families to decorate. They could bedazzle it, paint it, add words or pictures… whatever they wanted to do, and then we added their feathers around the edge. It turned out so cute and the children that returned their feather from home were excited to hang it up.

  4.  Family Night24232157_10155185775911527_5457529972648247757_n.jpg What is more fun that watching families spend time together? This year, we are beginning Family Night’s to get parents to come and play with their child. We will do a variety of activities for an hour just after we would normally close, once per month. Our first one will be a Storyteller. Children are invited to come in their jammies, enjoy a story with his/her parent(s), and then we will have some small snacks. Other ideas are playdough making, crafting, or cooking together. We are very excited to host these engaging times for families and we hope they are enjoyed!

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