The First Week of School!

Infants (6 weeks- 12 months or walking) and Wobblers (Walking-2 Years)

Our center operates inside of a church (not affiliated, but shared/rented space). Because of this, three of our classrooms have to be completely mobile. Our Infants and Wobblers reside in the sanctuary. They have rolling shelves, folding gates, foam tiles for the eating area, a mobile sink/changing table, light weight room dividers, etc.  At the end of the week, everything rolls up and is stored for the weekend. Within that space, we are able to offer safe and age appropriate experiences. They have opportunities for quiet space, climbing/large motor, a variety of engaging toys, sensory experiences, and lots of snuggles! Our Infants and Wobblers use the “Experience Baby” Curriculum from Mother Goose Time.

Littles (Toddlers, 2-3 year olds)

Our Littles use the Little Goose Supplement to take the main Curriculum and make it developmentally appropriate for Toddlers. This group loves Dramatic Play, Sensory and Large Motor experiences. The activities/toys on their shelves rotate with each new unit to keep them engaged.

Preschool (3-4 Year Olds)

We call this room the “Island Room”. Our Preschool kiddos love the novelty of having new activities and books on the shelf each month. Having the classrooms set up and inviting on the first day is so important. Children that are continuing on in our program know where things are and what is available, but on a child’s first day, having an activity out and ready invites them to come in and play.


Our Pre-K Class (The Jungle Room)
Pre-K Circle Time Space, Thanks to Mother Goose Time for the great materials!
Math and Science Shelf
Quiet Reading space and Carpet activities

Our Pre-K class is all set for a great year! The first week of school is focused on the classroom rhythm, getting to know each other, developing the class rules and setting them up for success. Their teacher will be working on basic assessments (mostly observing the children’s play, but some more formal ways of documenting where each child is at).

Here goes the first week of school!

The very first day of school, the lesson plan included an activity where the children all chose their favorite color and drew on a large piece of paper together while the music played. When the music stopped, they talked about what they drew and how it felt to work together (Did they have enough space to work? Did anyone get in their space? How did that feel? How was it handled/could it be handled?) It was such a good time to talk about how we can work together and respect one another in our classroom.

Our First Circle Time!

21430090_10154977699421527_7874787942004033101_n21462904_10154977699356527_5181626094983302308_n21432716_10154977699251527_7420465976677000544_nOur very first Circle Time of the School year was a success! Goal #1 is getting every child to the carpet in an orderly fashion and holding their attention for just a few minutes to sing a song and chat about the options for the day. The older children got to the calendar, weather, and a short activity too!

The first week was great! We are getting to know some new friends and we are so excited about the great Mother Goose Time themes and materials for the year ahead!

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