Wings and Nests

We have has so much fun “Down at the Pond” this month, but soon we will be shifting our focus to the sky… “Birds and Eggs” is the theme for April and we are very excited about this unit. In preparation, we decided it would be fun to spruce up our cozy reading corner and combine it with dramatic play. This means we need a nest, of course!

DSC_0737                DSC_0775

We used a small hard-sided kiddie pool and filled it with the pillows that have always been in our reading corner. Then we used a fitted Twin-sized sheet to cover our nest, tucking in the extra underneath.

Next, it was time to make some wings!

The pictures loaded in reverse order, so scroll down to the end to see how to begin (sorry!)

Blue Jay
Bald Eagle
The inside of the wings becomes a little quilted. We will use puff paint to write the names of each bird on the inside of the wing.


Time to fly!
Stitch a loop of elastic to create the handles.
Sew a strip of elastic to each wing which will keep the pair together.
Overlap the feathers at the top of the neck.
Place, glue and stitch one row of feathers at a time, overlapping the row before.
The stitching on the inside of the wing will create a quilted effect.
Stitch the feathers in a row to the wing piece.
Begin placing the feathers at the center edge of each wing, overlapping in the same direction. I used hot glue to tack the feathers in place quickly.
Lay our the edged wing pieces with the stitching side up, so the feathers will cover the turned edge and the inside of the wing will be finished.
Cut Feather shapes out of felt, mostly the bigger size and then a few smaller feathers for around the neck.
Add Feathers to this side of the wing
Turn under and stitch the two straight sides of the wing, and simply stitch the curved edge to prevent fraying.
Lay out wings
Make a paper pattern for the wings. Fold fabric in half and cut (2) wings
Measure from base of neck to tail, and wingspan


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